Amarr by Design Wood Carriage House Garage Door

How to Choose the Right Garage Door

So, you’re thinking about buying a new garage door. Great! A new garage door can increase the value of your home and create instant curb appeal. Not to mention creating a safer and more secure entry point to your garage and home. This is all good news, but how do you choose the right garage door for your home and your budget? Here are a few factors to consider before you buy:

Garage Door Material & Construction

The construction materials used to manufacture garage doors are primarily steel or wood. Steel garage doors are highly durable, low maintenance and work well in most any climate.

Wood garage doors bring old-world beauty, warmth and charm to your home, but can require more upkeep than a steel door. Either one is a great choice depending on your taste and needs.


Steel Door Example

Ex: Steel Door

Wood Door Example

Ex: Wood Door








If you decided to go with a steel door, you’ll have the option of single, double or triple-layer construction. This diagram from Amarr® (a leading U.S. garage door manufacturer) explains the difference between the three:


Is the architecture of your house traditional, modern or rustic? Is it a Cape Cod, English Tudor or contemporary ranch? You want to be sure that you pick a garage door that compliments the style of your home. For example, carriage house style garage doors look terrific with a more traditional home. Keep in mind that there many styles of garage doors available now that can be customized with paint or stain, windows and decorative hardware to fit the style of your home. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a unique look for your home. For garage door product brochures, visit .

Before you buy, you can try out new garage door styles on your home by accessing the Door Designer on Amarr’s website. Amarr is our pick for door manufacturers and they’ve developed a great online program that you can use free of charge. You can choose the house style that looks the most like your home (or upload a picture of your own garage door) and then pick out different doors, windows, colors, and hardware from their menu to see how it looks. It’s a great tool to help you make the right selection.


Even though the garage door is the largest moving object in your home and sometimes the most visible feature, a new garage door is not as expensive as you might think. You get a lot of bang for your buck with a new garage door. In fact, a new garage door is the #1 upscale home improvement for generating return on investment in the Greater Cincinnati area according to the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report created by Remodeling magazine and REALTOR® magazine. This annual report breaks out the estimated cost of various projects and the estimated return on investment for those projects by region and by city, as well as by midrange and upscale projects.

So, let’s get down to brass tacks. The average cost of replacing a garage door in the Greater Cincinnati area (including SE Indiana and Northern Kentucky) can range anywhere between $600 – $2800 on average. As with most purchases, you get what you pay for and your final cost will depend on many variables.

Some of the garage door features that have the biggest impact on price:

Door Size

Most garage doors are offered in standard sizes. If you have a newer home, the opening for your garage door is mostly likely standard. If you own an older home, you may have to purchase a custom-fit size garage door which will increase your costs. Remember, in either case, the larger the size, the more expensive the door.

Construction – Style – Hardware

Construction materials can vary greatly in price. Single-layer steel doors are the least expensive while stain-grade wood doors are generally the most expensive. Also, adding windows will increase the price of your door, as well as decorative hardware.


  • Do not install a garage door yourself. Installing a new garage door is extremely dangerous and should only be completed by a trained garage door professional. To understand more about garage door safety and maintenance, please visit
  • Do your homework – make sure the garage door company you choose is fully insured, has a good reputation in the community and can provide you with references. Don’t hesitate to check them out with the Better Business Bureau and online.
  • We recommend that you get at least 2, if not 3 estimates from reputable garage door companies before you make a decision.
  • Reputable garage door companies will not give you an estimate over the phone before they have completed an on-site inspection. They need to determine the exact size, style and construction of your garage door and many other variables before providing you with a cost.   Most garage door companies offer free estimates and they can help you select the right garage door that fits both your home and your budget.
  • Reputable garage door companies will safely remove and haul away your old garage door and hardware. They will install a new track, new spring(s) and necessary hardware with the new garage door. They will also reconnect your opener and install door trim and complete weather-seal. These services should be included in the installation price.